Dream Makers

The High Cloud Foundation has developed partnerships with wonderful nations, organizations, companies and academia, who joined High Cloud in alleviating poverty throughout the world and empowering the most vulnerable among us to reach their dreams.

If you or your organization would be interested in partnering or supporting the High Cloud Foundation in creating a better tomorrow, please send us an e-mail at: founder@highcloud.org

The High Cloud Foundation is proudly sponsored by the following organizations:

Team Snapple (http://snappletriteam.com/)

Snapple Lyte Water, a new electrolyte-enhanced water source for the active, is pleased to sponsor the 2010 Snapple Triathlon Team which is a core partner with the High Cloud Foundation. Comprised of top-flight professional and amateur athletes, the squad promotes the sports of triathlon and duathlon, the healthy lifestyles that come with them, and encourages friends and competitors alike to get outside and race.

BEE LINE Vending for Health (http://www.vendingforhealth.com/)

Vending for Health offers a wide selection of healthy snacks for every taste. Our state-of-the-art machines are designed to keep inventory fresh, tasting great and always available. They accept credit, debit, and even student meal cards, making payment convenient. It’s never been easier for a population on the go to make fast, healthy food choices.


BEE LINE (http://www.beelineimage.com/)

BEE LINE, INC. is the premier Green Cleaning Contractor in greater Chicago, IL. With exceptional service unmatched in the industry, Bee Line provides quality building maintenance programs including janitorial, maintenance technicians, lighting, painting and hard surface maintenance.

Repeatedly recognized as an industry leader (2006 BSCAI Image award, INC 5000 Fastest Growing Companies in America, 2007 and 2008), Bee Line uses a “Proven Process” that has met and exceeded customer expectations throughout the last fifty years.

BEE LINE President, Jamie Van Vuren is also a proud member of the High Cloud Dream Team! See her recent blog post by clicking here

Intelsat (www.intelsat.com)

At Intelsat, our business is enabling the delivery of information and entertainment worldwide. We use a combination of satellite and terrestrial connectivity technology to help enterprises, governments and service providers deliver content around the world quickly, securely and reliably — to people at home, in the office or on the move.

Pirates Booty (http://piratebrands.com/)

The Pirate Brands story began in 1987 in Sea Cliff, NY with our founder, Robert. Robert, a snack industry renegade and father of two, scoured the high-seas for a tasty treasure that would inspire people to live a little healthier and have fun while doing it. That's when Robert discovered the cheesy rice and corn puffs we know today as, Pirate's Booty.

Thanks to Robert and his tasty treasure, no longer do you have to eat "cheese" puffs dusted with neon orange powder with incomprehensible ingredients. When you buy Pirate Brands products, you are getting wholesome goodness without the guilt.

We've created products for the whole family that are all natural, baked AND delicious. We've eliminated fryers and trans fats from all of our products and keep the ingredients simple (no need to Google® search today). Our only additives are just good, wholesome fun.

It's been more than 20 years and we’re still continuing our journey!

D.C. Capital Striders (www.dccapitalstriders.com)

Whether you're a beginner looking to improve your physical fitness or you're an experienced runner looking to improve your skills, this is a great way to meet others with the same goals. Curious about running a 5K, 10K, 1/2 or Full Marathon? This is the group for you!!! All speeds and skill levels are welcome. First time long-distance runner? Everyone is welcome, no matter your pace or endurance!

Come out, have a great run, and meet your new best friends!!!

Check out our sponsors on the home page to get discounts at all local running stores and other apparel venues! Also, go to www.dccapitalstriders.com to check out the DC Capital Striders Running Group (District Division)

Runners World (http://www.runnersworld.com/)

News, information, and advice for runners, from running equipment reviews to training techniques to races and marathons, at Runner's World.

High Cloud Student Organization at The George Washington University

The High Cloud Foundation is represented by the High Cloud Student Organization at The George Washington University (GWU). Please contact Ms. Liz Carosella, President of the High Cloud Student Organization at GWU, at liz.carosella@highcloud.org should you be interested in joining the Organization

Great American Restaurants (www.greatamericanrestaurants.com)

Great American Restaurants is a collection of wonderful restaurants in the Washington D.C. area including: Silverado, Carlyle, Best Buns Bread Company, Coastal Flats and many others. Great American Restaurants is fun because our people take pride in being part of something special and love what we do. Our restaurants are filled with guests and staff that want to have a good time. Great American Restaurants helps everyone feel great. Great American Restaurants cares about our people on a whole different level than anyone else...and is also obsessive about the details. A unique combination.

Salesforce.com (www.salesforce.com)

Dick's Sporting Goods (www.dickssportinggoods.com)

Dick's Sporting Goods is a proud sponsor of the High Cloud Foundation and encourages all of its athletes to do their best. If you are looking for the latest apparel and equipment for your next triathlon or marathon please stop in any of our Northern Virginia Dick's Sporting Goods stores. For a list of our local stores in Northern Virginia please click on our logo above.

Fluid Essentials(www.fluidessentials.com)

FluidEssentials creates innovative natural supplements that promote healthy, vibrant living. Our line of water-soluble solutions improves your well-being, strengthens your immune system and helps repair damaged tissue-all by supporting and reinforcing the body's naturally occurring compounds, which become depleted from stress, injuries, free radicals, environmental challenges and natural aging. All of our products are created for simplicity and convenience to make your path as easy and effective as possible. Our stick packs mix quickly in a glass or bottle of water-great for travel, work or busy lifestyles-and come in a variety of refreshing flavors.

Animoto Productions (www.animoto.com)

Animoto is a web application that, with the click of a button, produces videos using images and music that a user selects. Using their patent-pending Artificial Intelligence developed to think like an actual editor & director, the resulting video has the emotional impact of a movie trailer and the visual energy of a music video.

NBC Universal Sports (www.universalsports.com)

Universal Sports, formerly World Championship Sports Network (WCSN), a joint venture between NBC Sports and InterMedia Partners, serves as the preeminent multiplatform destination for Olympic and lifestyle sports programming. The Universal Sports Television Network and UniversalSports.com deliver an immersive experience via exclusive live and on-demand coverage of world-class competitions, interaction with top athletes and in-depth access to sports news and information year round.

Offering more than 1,000 live events and 7,000 hours of annual original event programming including an excess of 5,000 hours of archival programming, Universal Sports delivers the content sports fans want whenever, wherever they are on multiple platforms. Whether in front of the television, online, on a mobile device or listening to satellite radio, Universal Sports provides fans comprehensive coverage of more than 40 sports disciplines. Currently Universal Sports holds exclusive long-term programming agreements across a number of key International Federations and National Governing Bodies including the International Rowing Federation (FISA), International Swimming Federation (FINA), International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF), International Ski Federation (FIS), the International Cycling Union (UCI) and the International Gymnastics Federation (FIG).

Major championship and Olympic qualifying events found on Universal Sports range from Track & Field, Skiing, Swimming, Gymnastics and Cycling, to Volleyball, Marathons, Karate, Speed Skating and Taekwondo.

Universal Sports is dedicated to providing year round, in depth coverage of these important and exciting sports to reach millions of fans around the world for whom they represent a way of life. Universal Sports is committed to expanding the audience by delivering programming that exemplifies the best of the human spirit. Universal Sports enables fans to interact with world-class champions by getting to know the up and coming athletes through blogs, interviews and their own broadcast commentary.

Universal Sports will represent a new standard for coverage of Olympic sports in the U.S. and expanding the availability and growing popularity of these great sports and athletes. In addition to serving Olympic fans everywhere, Universal Sports provides a year-round destination for the elite and everyday athletes.

Eating Healthy on the Go (www.eatinghealthyonthego.com)

Lorie King, Founder of Eating Healthy on the Go, is a Holistic Health & Nutrition Counselor. She holds a Master’s of Education & is certified by the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. She is also accredited by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners. Lorie combines her love of nutrition and her love of teaching in her work with busy, on-the-go, stressed out individuals who are tired of diets that don’t work, tired of having no energy, and tired of being tired. Unlike health practitioners who focus on solutions such as calorie counting or restrictive diets, Lorie takes a holistic, inside out approach to health and wellness. Her focus and passion is teaching you how to unlock the inner game of weight loss and wellness by helping you create a mindset built on the thoughts and behaviors that lead to healthy actions. Approaching wellness from a 3-tierd perspective, Lorie will help you discover balance between how you Eat, Move, and Think. She will help you simplify life so you can stress less & enjoy more while helping you reach your wellness goals one healthy bite at a time.

Nutrition Consultation: What to Expect

No one diet works for every person. My job as a health and nutrition counselor is to help you discover the food and lifestyle choices that best support you and meet your needs. In our 30 minute consultation, we will discuss your unique situation and identify ways I can support you in reaching your wellness goals. Optimal health and wellness is achieved one healthy step at a time. As such, you will leave your consultation with one or two recommendations you can immediately put into action and thus, start down the path towards reaching your wellness goals. Concerned you'll be handed a restrictive, no-fun diet in your consultation? Rest assured I believe health and nutrition should be fun, flexible, guilt-free and full of lots of yummy, healthy food. And yes, believe it or not, healthy food can be very tasty!

So, when was the last time you got a full 30 minutes to talk about your health and receive the attention you deserve? Schedule your appointment today. I look forward to meeting with you!

Please visit us at:


Under Armour (www.underarmour.com)

It started with a simple plan to make a superior T-shirt. A shirt that provided compression and wicked perspiration off your skin rather than absorb it. A shirt that worked with your body to regulate temperature and enhance performance. Founded in 1996 by former University of Maryland football player Kevin Plank, Under Armour is the originator of performance apparel - gear engineered to keep athletes cool, dry and light throughout the course of a game, practice or workout. The technology behind Under Armour's diverse product assortment for men, women and youth is complex, but the program for reaping the benefits is simple: wear HeatGear® when it's hot, ColdGear® when it's cold, and AllSeasonGear® between the extremes.

Under Armour's mission is to provide the world with technically advanced products engineered with our superior fabric construction, exclusive moisture management, and proven innovation. Every Under Armour product is doing something for you; it's making you better.

University of Notre Dame SIBC (www.nd.edu/~sibc/)

The Notre Dame Council on International Business Development (NDCIBD) was founded in 1989 under the inspiration of Rev. Theodore Hesburgh in collaboration with the current benefactor, Mr. Frank Potenziani. In 2000, the NDCIBD changed its name to the Student International Business Council (SIBC). The group has grown from a small activity within the business college to one of the largest student organizations on the campus, including over 275 members for the 2001-2002 school year. While the mission has remained consistent, the project base has grown to include approximately 30 academic projects each semester, as well as sponsoring between 30 to 40 international interns and teachers annually. Students are elected annually to a fifteen member Board of Directors. Students of the University of Notre Dame and St. Mary's College are active members. SIBC's Mission is to empower students through the ethical advancement of international commerce by developing leadership, entrepreneurial ability, practical management skills, and global interaction.

Expert Nutrition (www.expertnutrition.net)

Rebecca Mohning M.S., R.D., L.D. is a registered dietitian and personal trainer that has been working in the field of weight loss for over 10 years specializing in weight management and sports performance. She has experience working with all ages. She has devoted her life to health, nutrition, and fitness. Rebecca has her own nutrition consulting business and enjoys conducting workshops on nutrition and wellness for fitness facilities, businesses, universities, and sports teams. Rebecca has appeared in local news shows and programs, magazines, and newspapers. She has worked with numerous local running and triathlon clubs.

Rebecca received her Bachelor’s Degree in Dietetics and her Master’s Degree in Exercise and Sports Science from Iowa State University. She also has a personal training certification from the American College of Sports Medicine. Rebecca is a spokesperson for Diet to Go, and she does nutrition counseling for Cardiology Associates, GWU Weight Management Center, and the GWU Athletic Department located in Washington, DC. She specializes in weight management, performance nutrition, and eating disorders. She currently teaches in the Undergraduate and Graduate department of Exercise Science at George Washington University.

If you are interested in learning more about her services you can go to www.expertnutrition.net

OnPoint Fitness (www.onpointfitness.com)

OnPoint Fitness is a Washington, DC based company dedicated to helping people achieve their fitness goals through injury free and energy efficient techniques. The company is run by health educator and entrepreneur Lloyd Henry and is available to consult with your organization on event related activities.

Our goal is to teach skills that reduce the risk of injury, allowing you to make fitness a part of your everyday life. We work to get you to the starting line injury free and the finish line smiling, energized and ready to do it again. OnPoint Fitness can take you to the next level of your fitness goals, whether you're a beginner or an experienced athlete!

VentureLinx Corporation (www.venturelinx.com)

Do you have a business idea and are not sure what to do next? Or, maybe it’s too much to handle all by your self? The main purpose of the VentureLinx Start-Up Program is to help you take action on your business ideas by reducing obstacles, improving the quality of your efforts and getting quicker results.

With the right infrastructure, information and readiness, your creativity, responsiveness and foresight can flourish. VentureLinx ensures that key areas are covered while your time is better spent on what’s important to your success. After all, you are providing a solution that the world needs. Launch with confidence.

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