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Cloud of Knowledge: Knowledge is the key to success. High Cloud empowers children, orphans, and communities to improve their lives through educational support and public health initiatives. The Cloud of Knowledge program supports low-income groups in 8 countries. And the results? Child literacy rates have sharply increased since the program’s inception.


Cloud of Nutrition: If we are what we eat, how important is it to educate communities on health and nutrition? High Cloud’s Cloud of Nutrition program focuses on healthy eating, healthy lifestyles, and general health concerns. Educational programs introduce children and their communities to the Food Pyramid, nutritional facts, instruction on meal preparation, and more to ensure our communities make educated decisions. High Cloud supports communities by developing workshops as well as delivering much-needed food.


Cloud of Sports: The ultimate in bringing people together, sports helps High Cloud’s communities learn lessons about life and fitness. The program emphasizes the connection between excelling in school and excelling in life with an active lifestyle. Athletic events push children to discover their potential, build determination and commitment, and participate in a community. Through the Cloud of Sports program, children learn that any dream can be fulfilled with passion, brotherhood, and dedication.


Cloud of Environment: We are all just stewards of our environment. High Cloud seeks to teach communities the importance of respecting the environment through conservation, basic sanitation, recycling methods, and sustainability. Simple projects like tree planting and determining how to balance a diet through fishing and hunting are making drastic changes in High Cloud communities, leading to decreased littering and cleaner ecosystems.


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